My day with Max

Last week I went part time at my “day job” so that I can have more time to dedicate to photography and more time to spend with my son, Max.

I decided to document my first day home with Max….

This kid is amazing!  Watching him all day through my camera, I was able to capture his personality perfectly!  He is such a happy boy!  From the get go, he wakes up smiling!  Breakfast consist mostly of yogurt.  And lots of it!  It is his favorite thing to eat and he must feed himself!  Even if he does make a giant mess!!  Momma and Max had a small shopping trip in the morning.  He was so polite when he asked the cashier at Old Navy for a balloon…. “doon tease!” and had to take it with us as we marched around the block!  A day with Max is not complete until we watch the “Minions” movie.  He loves his “Bob” (who is actually Kevin, but he calls them all Bob!)

Later in the afternoon, Daddy met us to get Max’s first haircut!  We of course had to go to Miss Alana at Acacia!  She was so patient with Max!  His baby mullet is gone and I think it makes him look older then his almost 2!

Playtime before dinner is one of Max’s favorite times of the day.  It means that his big brothers are home from school and playing hide and seek with him!  Max LOVES his brothers!  They are 8 years apart but they are so amazing with their baby brother!  They make him laugh like no one else can!

After dinner, we all took a walk to the park to play and ride the carousel. This was Max’s first ride this year and he enjoyed it so much he went for a second ride! He also had fun on the swings and going down the slides.

Once we were back from the park, it was bath time. Max loves tossing all his favorite bath toys into the tub before he gets in and I swear he is attempting to empty it by drinking all the water! Max loves his baths and was not happy when he had to get out.

However, that all changed after he got his pj’s on, because that means it was time for his bottle (or baba as he calls it). After some goodnight kisses from Dada, he finished his bottle and drifted to sleep in my arms.

Maxwell Richard….my little miracle baby and the best surprise I ever received. I am so in love with this kid and looking forward to being able to spend more days with him like this.


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